Vol. 1 (2020): Asian Journal on Perspectives in Education Vol. 1

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Welcome to the maiden issue of Asian Journal on Perspectives in Education (AJPE). As all beginning academic journals, the Volume 1, Issue 1 is momentous and certainly, this issue of AJPE is no exception and with that, we are proud of this maiden issue. AJPE’s thrust is to provide a forum among researchers and practitioners in which they can exchange perspectives on the epistemologies of the ‘global south.’  AJPE prioritizes academic articles which provide an interpretative and critical take on the educational practices, issues, and challenges in the global south.

The articles in this issue carry this goal of providing a variety of topics in education spanning from indigenous people education, Philippine K to 12 Basic Education on perspectives of Science Education, Transformational Academic Leadership, and Gamified Learning Activities in Language Acquisition. All the articles provide a critical analysis of specific issues in education in the Philippines. We hope that with this journal, we can be able to shed more light on issues and challenges in education in the global south.

Published: 2023-03-29